The Chi Chi Bang Bang Cthulus

The Chi Chi Bang Bang Cthulus is in an acoustic/folk/electronic duo from Leipzig. It is originally formed by Lena Seik and Tristan Schulze in 2007. The Chi Chi BBC is a beloved side project of both musicans, whose also produce as electronic duo Deko Deko. Since 2007 the band evolved it's sound from folk, indie, shoegaze to postrock - also with changing members - to return to their acoustic roots with their original members again.



"Foxxes" (2011)

The artist and painter Max Brand created the music video for the single "foxxes" which was released in 2010.


21.01.16 - kinderklinik vernissage(leipzig)
20.06.10 - w/ BRILLIANT COLORS (The needle and the damage done record store/Zoro)
21.11.09 - w/ SCOUT NIBLETT, LONSKI and CLASSEN (UT connewitz, leipzig)
18.09.09 - w/ DEAR EUPHORIA (nbl, leipzig)
10.06.09 - w/ GOOD GUY MIKESH (ortloff, leipzig)
24.04.09 - w/ GOOD GUY MIKESH (astra stube, hamburg)
11.04.09 - w/ GOOD GUY MIKESH (distillery, leipzig)
08.02.09 - w/ DEAR READER (sweat club, leipzig)
14.09.08 - w/ JONQUIL (sweat club, leipzig)
04.08.08 - BRUCE BANNER vernissage (barcelona, leipzig)
06.06.08 - w/ BLUTSPORTDISKO (conne island, leipzig)
22.02.08 - durchlauferhitzer (halle)
01.12.07 - w/ THE GO FIND (UT connewitz, leipzig)
13.07.07 - MELT! (entrance area, graefenhainichen)
16.06.07 - LADYFEST (zoro, leipzig)
19.05.07 - COMIC CRASH ATTACK (tschau tschuessi, leipzig)
13.04.07 - POP UP) warm up (frueh auf, leipzig)



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